Error Let’s Encrypt™ SSL Error issuing certificate Failed to issue certificate Could not add TXT record

Laercio Junior

First I want to thank Mauwix for the excellent tutorial, about installing cpanel/whm, it was very good. Today I can install a VPS in just 18 minutes. (Of course I was wrong many times, I watched the same video a few times hahahahah)
Now I have this problem in SSL. I couldn’t find anywhere on youtube a tutorial talking about it. I come to ask for your help to solve this problem. It seems silly, writing a text, I must have skipped some configuration.

  • Hello, Thanks for your kind words. Please select the other option http-01 instead of the dns.

    Kindly also send the screenshot for all the selection before installing the certificate so I can correct or I will make a video today and publish. Just make sure you are subscribe to our channel so you are notified.

  • Laercio Junior

    http-01 with this configuration works fine, but in dns-01 that activates the wildcard and that gives an error.
    http-01 does not support *

    • Hi, there. I have seen your screenshots the second time and realized you are using Let's Encrypt by FleetSSL. This error is due to you using DNS hosting and not pointing to your server's nameservers. Hence, what I suggest is you make sure that your DNS zones are the same as whatever is in your DNS hosting managers like if you're using Cloudflare, Ezoic, or Namecheap, and other hosting providers using their own DNS host manager (provided you are not using your server's nameservers). If you have any questions, don't hesitate. :)

      Check this video to use an alternative module for Free SSL

      Just make sure you use the server nameservers or Server IP to your domain DNS to make it work.

    • Another piece of advice when using FleetSSL, contact their support if all of the DNS Zones match correctly as they have downtime issues with their issuing server most of the time.

  • Make sure also that you have a CNAME record of the wildcard in your DNS hosting manager, meaning, add a CNAME record named asterisk such as this "*" (without the quotes) and point to your Server's IP (i.e.

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